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Duty Free Sourcing Inc plays a key role in the advancement of Lesotho garment industry. Established in 2014 to support our own factory production and sourcing needs and later expand to support other manufactures. We place key focus on developing people  within the industry and transferring knowledge to Lesotho people. 

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We strive to be the preferred African and International clothing manufacture in Lesotho. Our vision is to provide cost savings to our clients using different duty free trade agreements across the world.


  • To develop and support textile industry growth in Lesotho
  • To be value added partners to our customers and society
  • To provide affordable good quality products to our customers
  • To build long lasting business relationships with our customers and build sustainable business for
    many years to come
Analyse the need of sourcing

No matter what business you are into and what’s your business size. To understand what sourcing means to your business, you need to analyze the need for sourcing. 

Identify the need for sourcing. Ask as many questions you can ask your team to your customers. Know and understand your current business scenario. Set your current situation as a benchmark and analyze the need for sourcing in your business. 

Conduct Market Research

This will help you to know the potential markets for your goods and how your business can perform there. 

Evaluate the suppliers Market

Do every possible thing you can to gather as much information as you can to know your future suppliers better. The better you know the suppliers, the better results you will get. 

Amass Suppliers Information

Maintain all possible information about the suppliers you are working with- personal and professionals. And keep updating the information with time to track the performance and build consistency.

Formulate a sourcing Strategy

Formulate an unbeatable strategy to reduce the risk and maximize the results. And entre the market with confidence.

Negotiate with suppliers

Negotiate with the strategy you formulated as if this is the only plan you are left with. But keep your plan B ready!

Enforce a sourcing strategy

Establish strong links of communication with suppliers and keep them well- informed.

Monitor the sourcing plan

List up the strategical points that worked for you and what didn’t. Analyze the result of your sourcing strategy and work to make it better.

Our Partners

True North Fashion (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

South Africa program distribution and customer service.

Tzicc Clothing Manufactures (Pty) Ltd, Lesotho

Activewear manufacture for the US market, Walmart approved.
1300 workers, 500,000pcs plus capacity per month

Adeaz Manufactures (Pty) Ltd, Lesotho

US program fabric / Trim Import and Finish goods export.

Lucky Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd, Lesotho

US and South Africa program manufacture. Walmart approved
550 workers, 200,000pcs capacity per month.

Long Chang (Pty) Ltd, Lesotho

South Africa program manufacture (T-Shirts, Fleece tops and Joggers)
250 workers, 100,000pcs capacity per month.

Eversuccessful Clothing Manufactures, Lesotho

South Africa program. 350 workers, 150,000pcs per month.